The Ways of Tae Kwon Do

The Ways of Taekwondo


Five Aims of Taekwondo

1. Respect
2. Humilty
3. Perseverance
4. Self Control
5. Honesty


Student Creed


We commit ourselves to mental and physical discipline.

To be friends with one another and to develop strength within our group.

We shall never fight to achieve selfish goals.

To develop strong wisdom and character is our ultimate committment.


Eleven Commandments of Taekwondo


1. Loyalty to your country
2. Respect your parents
3. Faithfulness to your spouse
4. Respect your brothers and sisters
5. Loyalty to your friends
6. Respect your elders
7. Respect your teachers
8. Never take life unjust
9. Indomitable spirit
10. Loyalty to your school
11. Finish what you begin